Friday, July 22, 2011

When All Else Fails

It's raining.  Yesterday and the day before and the day before the heat index was unbearable.  Most days it would be an inconvenience.  Today it's creating a near nail-biting reaction.  We're headed into the last day of Vacation Bible School--ALL day vacation Bible school--with a class full of children who won't be able to go outside.  We'll have game time... inside.  We'll have recess... inside.  We'll eat lunch inside...again.
I am so thankful for this reminder from God's Word.  The plight of the people in Israel's day is far, very far, from what I will experience in VBS today (I hope!), but God remains the same.

“So they will know that I am the LORD when I scatter them among the nations and spread them among the countries.  But I will spare a few of them from the sword, the famine and the pestilence that they may tell all their abominations among the nations where they go, and may know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 12:15-16)

Whether they are scattered or spared, God desired that they come to know and fear Him and His awesome power.  The circumstances were nothing more than a vehicle to carry them from thoughts of themselves to thoughts of Him.  When the circumstances get too big, there’s a point at which I have to look for help outside my own efforts and resources.

So? Will I allow God to use the circumstances of today to turn me away from my own efforts and resources and back to dependence on Him?  On my own, in my strength and “wisdom,” I can do nothing—there will be no real eternal fruit from my labor, I will not be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ, the effects of the day will be worthless.  But as I allow Him to fill and use me He will, and can, do great things.

Ahhhh, I'm so thankful that God's desire is that we would know Him and serve Him in His strength, not that we would conquer or win or accomplish or do.  I pray that His faithfulness will carry you through whatever lies in store for you today as well.

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  1. Ohhh...I remember those days as a classroom teacher! Wow! :) Have a great day!


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