Time Management Checkpoints

Time Management Evaluation Checkpoints

Adapted from Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book, Love to Eat, Hate to Eat and Amy Baker’s class Common Counseling Issues II (Faith Bible Seminary, Lafayette, IN)

Idolatry: Does this activity demonstrate a heart that values something more than my Savior and Lord?
Some possible idols could include:
  • 1. Control - I can do whatever I want and no one can keep me from it.
  • 2. Pleasure – I’m going to do this because I want the enjoyment it gives even if it keeps me from fulfilling God-given responsibilities to myself or others. For example:
  • Even though I’ve worked too hard/too long, I’m going to keep going because it makes me feel good.
  • Even though I have things that need to be done, “I deserve a break today.”
  • I’m going to reward myself with this activity even if it means sacrificing biblical priorities or leads to further sin (see “Inroads” and “Priorities”).
  • 3. Superiority.  I want to be better than other people.  For example:
  • I feel superior when I do more or work longer than everyone else around me.
  • 4. Comfort.  I want to feel better.  For example:
  • I feel sad, guilty, afraid and/or want to escape so I am looking to “me” time for comfort rather than seeking comfort from God.
Coveting: Am I experiencing an inordinate desire for this?
  • I want the best part of the day for myself.
  • I want the most possible time for myself.
  • I want to spend time any way I choose even if it means I miss opportunities to serve/love others.
  • I want as much freedom as people or friends I know with fewer responsibilities.
  • Will this activity create a desire to overindulge, even though it isn’t sinful in and of itself?  For example
  • If I sit down to watch an episode or check e-mail, the news, or Facebook, will it create a desire to spend more time/money than I should? 
  • Will it lead me to other sinful activities—overeating, overspending, watching inappropriate images/videos, or wasting resources?  
  • Is there a place I frequent where I spend more money than is prudent, fall into covetousness, or take on an arrogant, self-exalting attitude?  
  • If I “take a break,” will I then turn on the computer or T.V. and get lost in time when I should be fulfilling other responsibilities?  
  • If I set high expectations for getting things done, will I give in to impatience, disrespect for and unkindness toward others? Will it build others up or puff me up? 
Praise: Am I doing this with a heart of worship, thanks and gratitude?
  • Have I resented having to do this chore when I wanted to do something else?
  • Have I resented not getting things done that were on my “to do” list because of interruptions, unexpected people or events?
  • Have I thought of time as an enemy rather than thinking of it as a good gift from God that he wants me to use and enjoy to its fullest?
Stewardship:  Am I spending my time in a way that honors God or myself?

  • With the time I have each day, do I properly care for my body, use spiritual gifts, natural abilities and financial resources in a way that honors God or pleases me?
  • Who/What is my focus? Myself or others?

Emotions: Does the desire to spend time on this activity flow out of a heart of anger, fear, hurt, frustration or depression?

Priorities: Am I giving time, money, or energy to this in a way that prevents me from carrying out other God-given responsibilities or priorities? For example,

  • Am I neglecting biblical priorities in order to shop, pamper myself, drink coffee with friends, attend meetings, watch sporting events or play ball? (Or am I expecting someone else to neglect biblical priorities in order to spend time with me?)

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