Friday, July 1, 2011

Multi Media

Have you ever pictured something in your mind only to find it's very different in real life?  I've had that experience a couple of times lately and it's turned into a rather deep realization.  You may be shocked at how shallow I am, but here goes....

I read True Grit* this summer while our daughter took swimming lessons.  One of the young lifeguards noticed and said, "Whoa!  That was a seriously deep movie."  "Really?"  I asked, about twenty pages in,  "I think it's hilarious!"  I finished the book complete with oohs, aahs, holding my breath in some places and sighing in others.  It was a great book with surprisingly bang-on theology.  Then I watched the movie and was left with bittersweet angst. 

The difference was that reading drew me into the mind of the narrator, watching revealed the entirety of the situation.  When I read I took the place of the storyteller.  I saw what she saw  and felt what she felt.  I reasoned from her point of view.  But to see the protagonist's innocence and vulnerability as an outsider gave the story depth I had missed while reading.

The same has been true as I've started listening to the Word of Promise regularly.  In my desire to become better acquainted with the book of Proverbs I downloaded it to my MP3 player.  Yesterday I added the book of Ezekiel.  Hearing the words and voices gives the text deeper meaning.  Things stand out and make sense like they didn't before.  To experience God's Word with my mouth, ears and eyes adds meaning.  Then, by His Spirit, God extends it to my mind and hands and feet.

In the days of the Old and New Testament, Scripture was always read aloud in large chunks unlike most of our worship services and fellowships today.  Be challenged to read and listen aloud as well as quietly.  Open your ears (literally) to what God has to say.  You'll be blessed! (1 Timothy 4:13, Revelation 1:3).

*Disclaimer--True Grit has descriptive Western violence and language.  It's not a children's book (although it's written from a 14-year-old's point of view), nor is it fluffy.  It's not a nice, clean story, but it's an excellent one. 

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  1. Great thoughts Sidney. I am amazed at how I can read God's word so many times, and the same verse can have such a deep impact on me, and encourage me in totally different situations, and for very different reasons. I am so thankful that His Word is living.

    Melissa Whitcher


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