Thursday, December 15, 2011

As the Lord Wills

I have been looking forward to the next week and half for a long time--few extra obligations or teaching commitments, lots of time for wrapping and sending gifts, Christmas letters, baking.  But God had other plans.  Hit with the stomach flu, I am hesitant to bake--or even send gifts to family.  Do viruses travel through the mail?  I was so excited that I forgot to plan, "if the Lord wills."

This morning, sighing that my mother-in-law may not get her homemade biscotti and peppermint bark on time, David reminded me that "God is sovereign" and it will probably get done, just not on my timetable.  So for today, perhaps I'll stay in my jammies and let the world do what it will.  I, for one, will sit back and wait on the Lord--as one more child sleeps with a bucket next to her head.... 

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