Monday, December 6, 2010

Absent Evangelism: Attack of the Stomach Flu

When our nine-year-old daughter came down with the stomach flu last week, I knew it would happen.  It didn't hit until the end of the day and I was tired.  I didn't take the usual precautions and yes, the bug hit me 36 hours later.  The day before I was scheduled to present "The True Meaning of Christmas" for a friend's outreach brunch.  Yes, 36 hours.  And the brunch was going to take place 21 hours after I hit the pillow.

My friend sounded a little concerned when I reached her after work that evening.  "Okay. Okay," she assured me (and herself).  Followed by "This is too funny," and a laugh.  "Our Sunday school teacher challenged us to share the gospel with ten people this week and I'm scared to death.  Maybe this is God's answer."

And it was.  She wasn't sure what to say to the women or how to say it.  But the Lord had already given me the time to put my thoughts on paper.  I sent her the outline and she got to share Christ with friends she sees on a regular basis, but has not personally told about their need for Jesus and His provision.  Yes, God even uses the stomach flu to guide and use His people.  I must say it was the most exciting outreach event I've ever missed!

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