Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Profitable Service

How much is your life worth? The media portrays human life along all points in the spectrum: from dispensable to indispensable, from burdensome to winsome. In my reading of Psalm 30 today, the psalmist interestingly pleads with God for his life, "What profit is there in my blood, if I go down to the pit? Will the dust praise You? Will it declare Your faithfulness?"(v.9).
The psalmist's life declared its value by the Manufacturer's stamp. God, the Manufacturer, had placed his stamp on each day of the psalmist's life. His words declared his Maker, his choices declared His Maker, his daily intentions declared his Maker. His label was read, much like Pierre Cardin or Armani, not because he wore it tacked to his outer lapel, but because of the style his life portrayed.
As I meditated on the psalmist's words, I wondered how my life would be different if I had the same argument as the psalmist? How would my life look today if I could say, "God, You can take me now, today, but my life is a living testimony of your grace. Give me just one more day to praise you, one more day to proclaim your goodness. God, for love of Yourself and Your glory, extend my life that it may make a difference for one more lost, condemned soul. Once I reach eternity, my chances of declaring you to the ungodly will have ended. Make today count, dear Lord, make it Yours."
This then, is a life worth living, a life that openly declares the stamp of the Manufacturer, a life that extends itself in profitable service to God in meeting the needs of others. How will I allow God to change me today that I might profit Him?

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