Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Power of Service

Yesterday I visited with a young lady who claims to be "the only atheist" at her church. She was very open about her personal views. "And who is this Jesus anyway? I don't know even one person who really loves Him. They say 'God is love,' and 'Jesus loves everyone,' but what do they really mean?"

"Well, now you know one," I answered. "I love Him very much. I love Him enough to get up and spend time with Him early every morning. Loving Jesus is about listening to Him and talking to Him just like a real person; it's about living to please Him because I want to."

As we visited, I admitted that I cannot do what God wants me to do. Left to myself, I am selfish, proud, impatient, unkind. The only way I can serve others and put them ahead of myself is to ask Him to remove my will, my desires, my plans. "If I have put you ahead of myself in any way this last week, you can be sure it wasn't me, but God. When God uses me, I become anonymous--I am invisible." To remember the service and forget the person is an act of God. What a powerful opportunity to present God's grace through Jesus and His example of loving service on my behalf!

The power of our Invisible God is displayed in the life of a transparent person. How invisible are you?

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